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Tantric Gardening

06. Feb, 2010 Tantric Gardening

An unemployed shaman mourns his girlfriend, who inadvertently unicycled across the Iran-Iraq border. Starring ...


06. Feb, 2010 Lowlander

A Dutch postman discovers he is “The Chosen Bloke”, last of the ...

The Moons of Martin

06. Feb, 2010 The Moons of Martin

Amateur astronomer discovers a second Earth and plans to emigrate there. Starring Nigel ...

Parked By Demons

13. Feb, 2010 Parked By Demons

Camden baglady explains why Primrose Hill is about to erupt. Starring Suzy ...

Semitasking Trailer – Version 2

02. Mar, 2010 Semitasking Trailer – Version 2

Updated trailer for new comedy film website http://semitasking.com

Love Trap – Fake Mugging

28. Jan, 2011 Love Trap – Fake Mugging

I staged this mugging every Sunday for five successive weeks for this ...