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The Power of Negative Thinking

07. Feb, 2010 The Power of Negative Thinking

Psychiatrist gives his patient a complete life do-over, undermining his confidence, helping ...

The Great Tube Robbery

06. Feb, 2010 The Great Tube Robbery

Confused underworld kingpin embraces senility, reminiscing inaccurately about the Kray Triplets and ...


06. Feb, 2010 Lowlander

A Dutch postman discovers he is “The Chosen Bloke”, last of the ...

The Moons of Martin

06. Feb, 2010 The Moons of Martin

Amateur astronomer discovers a second Earth and plans to emigrate there. Starring Nigel ...

Rhona Cameron Sketch

27. Jan, 2011 Rhona Cameron Sketch

I directed this sketch with the lovely Rhona Cameron (she wrote it) ...

Semitasking Trailer – Version 2

02. Mar, 2010 Semitasking Trailer – Version 2

Updated trailer for new comedy film website http://semitasking.com